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About Us

ChezRemit was founded by Simon Ojiefoh, an individual with years of experience in the financial industry in West Africa and Allen Ellison, an entrepreneur, and a candidate of the US House of Representative.

Having assisted clients send and receive money abroad for years through different International Money transfer companies’ platforms whilst working for his erstwhile employer, Simon observed that a huge portion of the funds that were transferred by individuals into such middle and low income countries were debited as fees. Hence, the beneficiaries received less value.

This motivated Simon to seek to establish a Money transmitting platform that would be able to transfer funds at a reduced cost and in a manner that appears more beneficial to all parties involved.

In partnership with Allen Ellison, an individual with an equally great enthusiasm in ensuring that Migrants communities are able to send money to their loved ones in their home countries in the most seamless and least expensive manner, they were able to bring this dream to reality


With ChezRemit, you can send money worldwide to your loved ones.