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Privacy Policy

ChezRemit Ltd respects user privacy and our top priority is that user information is always protected.

This privacy policy provides detail into procedures followed by ChezRemit Ltd for collection and use of personal information on our website or mobile app. This policy describes options available to you as pertains to the use of your personal information and means of accessing and updating information.

Data Collection and Usage

It is imperative that you pay special attention these guidelines. Any information requested by ChezRemit Ltd is done so in order to provide a service to you. That information is inclusive your name, email address, current mailing address and telephone number, proof of identification, social media information (in some cases), your ChezRemit Ltd username and password as well as your account number, other basic information inclusive of age, date of birth, education, gender, interests and zip code. Billing details are included in the information ChezRemit Ltd may collect and store. The information provided may be used for legal and regulatory compliance, account setup, confirmation delivery, provision of service information upon request, service requirements including transaction processing and other maintenance.

Data Sharing

ChezRemit Ltd will only share your information with another party with your consent. Third party information sharing will only be done in methods outlined in this policy. Your information may be shared with the recipients of funds transmitted through our company. With your knowledge information may also be shared with credit reference organizations. Your information may also be accessible to companies that are directly connected to ChezRemit Ltd who play a specific role in assisting the delivery of service to our customers. The information shared with these companies may only be used in the event that it is needed to carry out services and transactions. In the scenarios listed below we may be obligated to disclose your personal information:

  • out of necessity to protect our rights or for the protection of you or others, for legal purposes, fraud or other types of investigations, or by
  • request of government or another regulatory board,
  • by court order, subpoena, etc,
  • with your permission,
  • change of existing conditions.

You will be notified via email, or through our website of any changes relating to ChezRemit Ltd.’s affairs concerning mergers, acquisition, or the sale of assets. All such changes will be announced through our website or via user email.

As it relates to the transfer of personal information overseas and to authorities with disparate data protection measures we endeavor to take steps to safeguard your data.

Information Security

ChezRemit Ltd abides by industry standards and policies as it relates to user privacy and information security, thus, users can be assured that information will be protected from the moment it is submitted all the way through to being delivered to us for processing. Generally, data transmitted via the Internet or the usage of electronic storage poses risks and ChezRemit Ltd cannot guarantee absolute security. We will endeavor to do our part to ensure that your information remains safe.

Services rendered through our website are governed by our privacy regulations. It is important to us that user privacy is respected and personal information secured. Data submitted onto our site via order forms is encrypted for your safety during transmission processes through socket layer technology (SSL).

ChezRemit Ltd accepts third party information under specific conditions. In the event that you provide ChezRemit Ltd with information about others you must show evidence of having the appropriate permission.

Promotional Discontinuation

In order to opt out from receiving promotional material from ChezRemit Ltd (including newsletters or marketing emails) users must follow the instructions relating to unsubscribing included in emails or other correspondence from the company. ChezRemit Ltd will only send out select email announcements or information relevant to users. There is no opt out option for service updates or website maintenance correspondence usually sent via email.

Cookies and Monitoring Mechanisms

It is possible to manage cookie usage on your personal browser. You may work with or without cookies within our website but operating with cookies disabled will restrict your ability to use some of our features. In such a scenerio, you may find that your online experience is restricted. Cookies are used to store user settings, preferences and authentication. We encourage you to view our cookies policy for more information about opting out.

ChezRemit Ltd uses cookies, tags, scripts and beacons along with our partners, marketing and otherwise. These technologies are also managed along with analytics, our affiliates or service providers. Tracking technologies are utilized to identify trends, for website moderation and management, deciphering user website usage and collecting demographic data about the entire user base. Website administration may receive timely reports in line with these technologies. Reports may be on the individual basis, or as a combination of units.

As it relates to advertising, the above also applies. ChezRemit Ltd partners with third parties for internal (on our website) and external (on other sites) advertising. Third parties may use cookies to collect data related to your web usage. As a result you may receive targeted advertising directly connected to personal web browsing. It is possible to opt out if you do not wish to have your information used in this way. In most cases, you will continue to receive nonspecific advertisements.

Access Linkages to External Sites

It is possible to access other websites or apps through linkages on our page. It is important to read and understand the privacy policies for other websites accessed via links on our website. Policies vary and personal information submitted to those sites is managed through external channels. Usage of your information depends upon privacy policies attached to such sites.

Website Widgets

Social media widgets have become increasingly popular making it easy for Internet users to access mainstream sites via sites like ours. Features include content sharing, the Facebook Like button, and Twitter options. These widgets make it easy to use features attached to other sites while operating within our website. Users are encouraged to note that personal information including your email address and other personal data is sometimes collected through these widgets. You may be able to adjust the information collected by widgets, but data collection is governed by policies attached to individual sites.


ChezRemit Ltd takes pride in customer satisfactions and for that reason we may display customer testimonials or other endorsements on our page from time to time. These reviews, testimonials, or endorsements may be used if you have given such permissions to a third party site. If your testimonial is used and you would like to make modifications or have it removed entirely please contact us ceo@ChezRemit Ltd.com.

Updating Personal Information

In the event that you wish to make changes to your personal information you may submit a request to have this done. You may request to delete or modify your information in an effort to ensure that it remains up to date.

As long as your account is active we may keep your personal information in our records. This information is retained in order to provide service to you, inclusive of past transaction details. Your transaction record on our website may be made available to you upon request. To cancel your account or to request for your information not to used be used for service delivery to you please contact us.

Policy Changes

This policy may be updated at any time. Users will either be notified of changes that may directly affect them via the email address provided during sign up, by way of a website announcement, or through a mobile link. These notifications will be transmitted prior to the change(s) taking effect.