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What Services does ChezRemit Ltd. Offers

ChezRemit is a fund remittance company that transmit funds internationally across countries at a cheaper cost than most traditional money transfer agents and Fintech companies.

What currency is used?

The currency accepted is CAD and the remittance is delivered in the payout country's local currency.

Why ChezRemit does limits payout to only bank accounts

We restrict payout to only bank accounts to discourage fraudsters from using our services and promoting increased security as other payout methods such as cash presents security lapses that fraudulent parties might take advantage of.

How Long Does It Take For My Beneficiary To Get The Money?

Most beneficiary would often receive value in 24 hours, however, in some cases, beneficiaries would receive value within 48 hours.

Can I track my transactions?

Through our website tools and mobile applications, customers can track the status of their transactions.

How can I perform transactions with ChezRemit?

You can perform transactions by our Mobile applications which can be downloaded on Apple store or Google play store and through our website.